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96W LED Street Light with 96 Pieces of 1W LED
Jul 12, 2017

LED street lamp technology principle:

Traditional LED street lamp design of the main design focus on the number of lumens in the LED, while the heat is less concerned about the heat. In fact, the number of lumens of LEDs is increasing rapidly. 2009 production of LED single-wafers has reached 100 lumens lumens, and this value is still growing rapidly. Corresponding to the theory of heat transfer theory has matured, we can use the heat transfer means are basically clear: conduction, convection, radiation and phase change heat transfer. Therefore, in the heat or heat problems, we can take measures are visible, limited.

LED street lamp cooling technology, the general use of the way for the thermal plate, is a 5mm thick copper plate, in fact, is the temperature plate, the heat are temperature off; also installed heat sink to heat, but the weight is too large. Weight in the street lamp system is very important, because the street is 9 meters high, if the risk is too heavy, especially in the typhoon, the earthquake may be an accident. Domestic manufacturers use the world's first needle-like heat dissipation technology, needle-like radiator Of the thermal efficiency than the traditional sheet radiator has greatly improved, can make LED junction temperature than ordinary radiator 15 ℃ above, and waterproof performance is better than ordinary aluminum radiator, while the weight and volume also improved The.

Cooling methods are: natural convection heat, the installation of forced cooling fan, heat pipe and heat pipe heat and so on. Install the fan forced cooling system complex, low reliability, heat pipe and loop heat pipe cooling method cost is high. The street lights with outdoor use at night, the cooling surface is located on the side and the size of the smaller restrictions are conducive to the natural convection heat the advantages of air, so LED lights recommended as far as possible to choose the natural convection cooling method.

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