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High lumen 90lm/W 1.2M 20W led tube lights
Jun 03, 2017

LED tube also known as light pipe, fluorescent tube, the light source using LED as a light body. The traditional fluorescent tube, also known as fluorescent lamps, lamps have a filament at both ends of the lamp, the lamp is filled with trace amounts of argon and thin mercury vapor, the tube wall coated with phosphor, the two filament gas between the conductive when issued ultraviolet, So that the phosphor emits visible light.

Product Details

Main Specifications / Features:

90lm / W 1.2M 20W 280 ° led lamp


Using bright LED as a light source, energy saving, high efficiency, no flicker or flash

2. Use constant current as a driver, low light failure, long life

3. Use imported light diffusing materials, mercury and lead-free

4. All PC material structure, safe and stable

5. Wide beam angle design, softening and maintaining the diffusion of light

6. Replace the traditional G13 socket and barbecue lights directly


1: environmentally friendly lamps

2: less heat phenomenon, the traditional lamps are tungsten light, will produce a lot of heat, and LED lighting efficiency has reached 140LM / W, high light conversion rate, the product surface temperature below 60 ℃, does not produce UV, the file , Clothing will not produce fading phenomenon.

3: no noise, protect the eyes, no mosquito trouble, wide voltage range, long life saving, solid and reliable, versatile, rich colors

Product Specifications:

Luminous efficiency ± 10%: 90lm / W

Life: 30,000 hours

IP rate: IP40

Beam angle: 280 °

LED type / quantity: 2835 SMD / 120 pieces

Power: 20W

Lumens (± 10%): 1,800 lm

Input voltage: 180-240V AC / 50-60Hz

CCT: 2,900-6,500K

Sensing method: exothermic

Length: 0.6 / 1.2m

Working temperature: -20-40 ℃

General market with T5, T8 two kinds of more, using more chips 3014,3528

Length of 0.6M, 0.9M, 1.2M and other specifications.

Application place

Generally used for general lighting, office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, homes, factories and other indoor lighting.

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