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LED advertising media
May 31, 2016

LED full color display is developed rapidly in the 90 's of the last century in the world of new information media, its large display area, the Visual effect is shocking, can fully attract the audience's attention, is a combination of new media and high technology. Moreover, LED full color display and not a simple outdoor media, it also features and advantages of both television and other media, also have a more creative space and wide solid space to communicate with consumers to meet individual needs, with communication concept in the digital age.

In addition to its unique form of expression, LED full color display rapid development in the field of outdoor advertising media are also benefited from outdoor media audience characteristics, factors such as network media and advertising costs. First of all, outdoor media, affecting the majority of the city, an aging relative popularity and traditional media audiences, audiences different advantages and boost the development of outdoor LED display market. Secondly, Outdoor LED advertisement screens to achieve the network's media operation, easy to implement brand advertising targeting. Third, LED outdoor advertising display of new media versus traditional media advertising costs low and has the characteristics of high effective arrival rate, attracting more advertising investments.

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