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LED components and knowledge
May 31, 2016

LED (Light-Emitting-Diode in Chinese meaning for light emitting diode) is a semiconductor of electrical energy into light energy, it changed an incandescent tungsten light and energy-saving lights Tri-phosphor powder led the principle of and the use of electric light. According to the analysis, characteristics of the LED is out

, Long life, high efficiency and low emission and low power consumption. White-light LED spectrum is concentrated almost entirely in the visible band, the luminous efficiency is more than 150lm/W (2010). Will LED and General incandescent, and spiral energy-saving lamp and the T5 three color fluorescent for compared, results displayed: General incandescent of light effect for 12lm/W, life is less than 2000 hours, spiral energy-saving lamp of light effect for 60lm/W, life is less than 8,000 hours, T5 fluorescent is for 96lm/W, life about for 10,000 hours, and diameter for 5 mm of white light LED light effect theory can over 150lm/W, life can is greater than 100,000 hours. There is also forecast, LED life expectancy in the future CAP will be infinite. As recently LED cooling technology improved, outdoor lighting high-power LED street lights, flood lights and other LED high power lamp has industrialized production and began to be used. The color temperature and color rendering requires a high level of interior lighting of the stage lights, Studio lights also has volume production and application. The scope of most, had the greatest amount of general lighting, T8, T5, T4, lamp and replace incandescent and CFL spiral bulb lights to form serialization, service life of up to 50,000 hours. LED lighting has entered a period of rapid development.

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