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LED floodlight cooling principle
Jun 20, 2017

LED floodlights are widely used in construction sites, high altitude work cars, squares, parks, art venues, factory buildings, gymnasiums, golf courses, shops, subway stations, gas stations, buildings, sculpture, green lighting and other places and other places Lighting decoration. Because LED floodlights are mainly used for outdoor lighting, long experience of wind and sun and rain, if the lamps do not get a good heat, it will affect the life of the whole lamp, so very face lamp cooling problem.


LED floodlight the importance of heat

Small current, LED flood light temperature is not significant. If the ambient temperature is high, the main wavelength of the LED floodlight will be redshift, the brightness will drop, the luminous average, consistency worse. In particular, lattice, large display of the temperature rise on the LED floodlight reliability, the impact of chaos is more obvious. Therefore, many designers in the design and development of LED floodlight lamps realized that heat is a problem can not be ignored.

LED floodlight cooling design 

Very face up to the LED floodlights thermal design to ensure that the lamp life of the continuation of fine workmanship, excellent selection, export quality, so that the dark night is no longer simple, such as the rainbow of every corner of the city are shining color Yao Yao.


The use of thick shenzhen Vitex thermal design, the use of air stretching aluminum precision production of air convection cooling, multi-chip cooling, heat sink on the left and right stripes, increase the radiator contact surface, so that the radiator and air convection, the integration of thickening Extended version of aluminum radiator, anti-erosion, anti-cracking.


LED floodlight heat dissipation structure is provided by the ventilation, making the disc front and rear side of the interconnection, while the top cover is also equipped with ventilation holes, to achieve excellent ventilation, discs are equipped with cooling fins, both know Full of LED light body heat and meet the electronic components of the heat, cooling fin area and cooling fins are in line with the direction of ventilation, will not affect the ventilation effect, the heat play a very good role in promoting the A hollow cavity of the hollow cavity is projected along the axis of the first hollow column and communicated through the disc to the second hollow post, and both the hollow column and the fins are perpendicular to the disc so that the base can be molded by means of a mold, One-time molding as one, relative to the split structure, cost reduction, more solid structure, cooling effect is also better.

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