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LED the market prospects
May 31, 2016

LED products are mainly used in backlight, color, interior lighting, the three areas. Because the backlight is LED at this stage the largest application market, driving LED industrial growth in recent years. Future prices will fall, as well as a new global ban incandescent bulbs under the influence of climatic factors such as rising, interior lighting replace backlight LED one of the fastest growing segments in the future. In addition, in recent years in products such as small pitch screen upgrade is driven by factors, LED product growth rising, showed a solid growth trend. Overall, LED the overall demand will continue to grow in the future, related companies with medium-and long-term investment value.

At present, China is becoming the global LED industry base. Statistics show that in 2013, China's lighting industry output value of 480 billion yuan. Includes $ 35 billion in export markets and the domestic market of more than 200 billion yuan. Compared to the more than 200 billion yuan in incremental marketing, the industry believes that reform and opening up 30 years of lighting market there will be trillions of Yuan in the stock market space. LED lighting is expected peak will form a production value from future 3-5, 100% a compound annual growth rate, industry output value is expected to reach one trillion yuan.

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