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LED flood light, 1000W, high power outdoor, IP67, ULT 40W series, 140lm/W Brightest chip
Jun 23, 2017

By the heat aluminum, high power LED, LED power into a combination of LED lighting called high power LED flood light


The main cooling parts for the ultra-high thermal conductivity of aluminum materials, heat is best of a scaly or bronze column or high stability long life fan.

The use of high light transmission, high refractive optical glass lens, effectively improve the reflectivity, and to ensure that the luminous flux output, efficient and reasonable light distribution technology.

High-strength tempered glass, with a special process, with better light transmission performance and anti-ultraviolet function.

Stable rectifier, constant current drive LED power supply, instantaneous drive, 0.96 or more power factor to make power more efficient, 50,000 hours running without failure.

Using high-performance integrated more than 10 watts of LED or by more than 1 watt of LED, reduce the cost of using integrated LED, pay attention to light effects on the use of multiple lamp beads

With red, green, blue, yellow, white and other colors

LED green pollution-free: cold light source design, no heat radiation, no damage to the eyes and skin.

Humanized structure design, lamp installation and maintenance more easily. Installation angle can be adjusted between -45 ° ~ 75 °, suitable for a variety of installation methods

Energy saving

Jing Sheng lighting LED floodlight can replace the traditional Philips sodium lamp, Shanghai Yaming, Foshan lighting, NVC lighting, GE and other traditional light source lamps, energy saving more than 80%

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