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LED mining lamp, manufacturers, can be customized to accept drawings
Jun 28, 2017

LED miner's lamp, is the use of high-brightness LED light source instead of the traditional lamp beads as a light body, with lithium-ion battery production miner's lamp. Compared with the traditional miner's lamp, the product has a small size, light weight, energy efficient lamp advantages. This product can be used for a variety of underground mining operations, tunnel operations, marine operations, maintenance operations, outdoor sports, hunting night fishing, expedition, soldiers and other places to carry lighting.

Product Features

1. Shell with engineering plastics and bulletproof glass as a whole cast, fully enclosed structure, can work in a variety of harsh environments.

2. Power supply with high safety lithium-ion battery, no pollution, storage capacity, no charge memory, no need to replace the battery fluid, is a completely maintenance-free products.

3. Light source using LED cold light source, energy saving more than 70%, no need to replace the lamp, does not produce spark, completely eradicated mine accidents caused by mine accidents.

4. Miner's lamp is equipped with a dedicated charger, no need to reproduce the charging equipment and maintenance workers, charging only the traditional one-sixth.

5. This product has over-voltage, over-current, over-discharge automatic protection, safety explosion.

6. Small volume, the overall structure of light weight (only 100-150g), no restraint, the load is the traditional miner's lamp 1/15, greatly reducing the labor intensity of miners, improve labor productivity.

Product charging and operation method

1, charging method

1) The lamp is installed in the product charge management circuit, can be equipped with charge converter charging regulator charging. Charger should be in line with MT68-2002 "Miner'slamp charging rack" standard.

2) When charging, turn off the miner's lamp power, open the miner's lamp charging cover, expose the DC jack, insert the charger's charging jack into the DC jack, and plug the other end of the charger into the 220V AC power supply. Normal charging, the charger indicator light is red, when the battery is sufficient, the indicator light to green, automatically stop charging. Normal charging time is about 6-8 hours.

2, pre-cycle charge

Miner'slamp for the charge of the factory, the factory has been charged to about 40% of the capacity, the newly purchased miner's lamp can not be used directly, should first discharge. Discharge, and then charge in the charging rack, the time is not less than 7 hours, after the full charge in the lamp room to do the lighting time to check.

3, charging precautions

1) should be closed when the miner light source;

2) Other charging methods should be approved by the company, or may be due to charging does not match, resulting in product damage.

4, the normal use of methods

1) When used, press the power switch on the lamp cap to open the main and auxiliary light sources and turn off the light source respectively.

2) the use of miner's lamp main light can be lit more than 11 hours; if the scheduled working hours, please switch to the auxiliary light source in order to maintain a longer lighting time.

3) miner's lamp with over discharge control circuit, under normal conditions of use, the battery will not cause over-discharge. But when the battery is discharged to the termination voltage

LED miner's lamp

LED miner's lamp (5pcs)

 2.75V, over discharge control circuit start, turn off the lighting source. The use of personnel must be used as required, before the miner's lamp goes out to ensure safety.

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