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LED Street Light 60W-W
Jul 12, 2017

LED street lamp development history:

As the world's most eye-catching new generation of light source, LED because of its high brightness, low heat, short life, non-toxic, recyclable and other advantages, known as the 21st century is the most promising green lighting.

From 1962 the first red light-emitting diode was born, people continue to develop orange, yellow, green and other monochrome LED, and for a variety of signal instructions, logo, digital display, and gradually develop to small LED display The It uses solid semiconductor chip as a luminescent material, when the release of excess energy, causing photon emission, resulting in the application of semiconductor PN junction light source made of LED, came out in the early 1960s, 1964 red light-emitting diode first successful research and development, yellow LED appears.

The world's first commercial light-emitting diode (LED) was made in 1965 with germanium material, the unit price of 45 dollars. Shortly thereafter, Monsanto and Hewlett-Packard introduced a commercially available LED with GaAsP. Which is much lower than the general 150 ~ 100W incandescent 151m 1991 industry using MOCVD epitaxial growth of four yuan system materials, the development of high-brightness light-emitting diodes; 1994 in the GaN substrate developed the first blue light-emitting diodes; Year through the blue light to stimulate the phosphor, to make the first white LED; 2001 with UV excitation phosphor made of white LED.

一、the global industrial structure presents a monopoly situation, mainly concentrated in Japan and Taiwan.

Semiconductor lighting industry has been formed to Asia, the United States, Europe, the three regions dominated by the three pillars of the industrial distribution and competitive landscape. The global LED industry is mainly distributed in Japan and Taiwan, with Japan accounting for nearly 50% of global LED output. The output value of Taiwan (including Taiwan and mainland China) is 21% of the global LED output value.

二、 the international manufacturers to lead the development of the industry, the use of technical advantages occupy high value-added products.

Japan and the United States two regions of the enterprise to use its new products and new technologies in the field of innovative advantages, mainly engaged in the production of the highest value-added products. Which Japan almost monopolized the global high-end blue, green LED market, the world's second largest packaging output, the largest output value of the production area.

三、 industry investment continues to increase, the international well-known manufacturers to accelerate the pace of cooperation to occupy a favorable market position.

四、 China has become an important base for packaging, domestic and foreign enterprises have to seize the huge domestic market investment.

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