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New Brand LED Canopy Light, Fixtures
Jun 03, 2017

LED lamps and lanterns are instruments that can light, distribute, and change the light distribution of the LED light source, including all the parts, components, and wiring accessories necessary to secure and protect the LED light source except the LED light source. Light-emitting diode lamps with its efficient, energy saving, safety, longevity, small, clear light and other technical characteristics, is becoming a new generation of lighting market

Lamp type

LED floodlights, LED underwater lights, LED lights, LED lights, solar LED wall lights, LED rechargeable FLOODLIGHT, and so on.


LED lights with shock resistance, light response speed, power and long life

Instant on / off; no UV / flashing

The .ys / .ldt file is available

Radiator excellent heat dissipation, radiator and radiator between the cooling fan,

From Japan, the LED lights, light efficiency up to 110Lm / W

Beam angle of up to 140 degrees, light and brightness uniformity

Beam angle of up to 140 degrees, light and brightness uniformity

Lighting terminology

Wavelength: light color strength changes, can be described by the data, this data is called wavelength. We can see the wavelength of light, ranging from 380 to 780 nm, in nanometers (nm).

Brightness: brightness refers to the degree of light and shade, the definition is the luminous intensity per unit area, unit: Nit (nit).

Light intensity: refers to the brightness of the light source, that is, light source in a certain direction and range issued by the visible light intensity of physical strength, unit: candlelight (cd).

Luminous flux: The sum of the amount of visible light emitted by the light source per second, in lumens (Lm).

Light effect: the light emitted by the light source divided by the power of the light source, it is an important indicator of energy efficiency of the light source, unit: per lumen (Lm / w).

Main Specifications / Features:

Basic Information:

Certification: FCC, .IES,

Light body material: aluminum

Warranty period: 5 years

Input voltage: 100-277VAC

Life: 50,000 hours

Used in warehouses, logistics centers, manufacturing workshops, stadiums or other public places a good choice.

Power factor:> 0.9

Color rendering index:> 80

Material: Aluminum

SDCM: <6

Export Market: Global

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