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New Brand LED Canopy Light Fixtures
Jun 03, 2017

LED canopy lighting

Product Details   

Main Specifications / Features:

Basic Information:

Certification: FCC, .IES,

Light body material: aluminum

Warranty period: 5 years

Input voltage: 100-277VAC

Life: 50,000 hours

Power factor:> 0.9

Color rendering index:> 80

Material: Aluminum

SDCM: <6

Export Market: Global


Instant on / off; no UV / off line

The .ys / .ldt file is available

Excellent heat dissipation performance, Taiwan SUNON DC cooling fan between the radiator and drive,

From Japan, the LED lights, light efficiency up to 110Lm / W

Beam angle of 140 degrees, uniform light, uniform brightness


1, in line with architectural lighting design standards (GB50034-2004) requirements.

2, energy efficient, energy saving than traditional HID lamps 47%, while the corresponding reduction in carbon emissions.

3, the use of LED cold light source to eliminate the advantages of traditional light source to bring high temperature lamps.

4, a unique cooling structure design, so that the lamp system more stable and effective operation.

5, secondary protection structure design, more secure and assured.

6, energy saving, reduce energy consumption, save operating costs.

7, to reduce maintenance, maintenance times, to achieve long-term durability.

Application place

Used in warehouses, logistics centers, manufacturing workshops, sports venues or other public places a good choice.

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