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Solar LED wall lamp features
Jul 03, 2017


1. Solar light for energy, no pipeline cable laying, anytime, anywhere installation, convenient and quick.

2.LED lights are characterized by one-way, no light scattering, to ensure the effectiveness of lighting.

3. Intelligent light control, automatically turn off the lights during the day and automatically light at night, no management and maintenance.

4. Rod with high-quality SUS 202 steel plate, hot galvanized for anti-corrosion and spray plastic coating.

3. Zero electricity, pollution-free, real green energy-saving environmental protection products.

4. Very low voltage, no security risks, can be assured use.

The drag coefficient is 8 and the seismic coefficient is 3.

Highly efficient long life: driven by the first constant control of the drive, intelligent power control of the lighting time to ensure stability and instability.

Green, no UV, no infrared, no radiation, soft lighting effect, no flicker, no frequency.

7. Built-in unique bulb, enhance the brightness of the lamp

Light body with flame retardant materials, impact resistance, anti-vibration, protection class to IP65.

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