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T8 LED tube expert full PC T8 LED tube light with CE approval
Jun 15, 2017

LED tube also known as light pipe, fluorescent tube, the light source using LED as a light body. The traditional fluorescent tube, also known as fluorescent lamps, lamps have a filament at both ends of the lamp, the lamp is filled with trace amounts of argon and thin mercury vapor, the tube wall coated with phosphor, the two filament gas between the conductive when issued ultraviolet, So that the phosphor emits visible light. Led lamp has many advantages, generally used for general lighting, office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, homes, factories and other indoor lighting.

Product Details
Key Specifications/Special



1, environmental protection: do not use mercury, and LED products do not contain lead and other harmful substances, the shell can also be recycled use, no damage to the environment.

2, do not produce UV, the documents, clothing will not produce fading phenomenon

3, versatility: LED tube shape, size and traditional fluorescent lamp, can replace the traditional lighting.

4, rich colors: full use of LED color rich advantages of the production of a variety of light color lights. ,

5, no noise, no mosquito trouble, wide voltage range, long life, solid and reliable, to protect the eyes.


Applicable to ordinary lighting, office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, families, factories and other indoor lighting.


Model: GS-LT8DC
Power: 7W,9W,13W,16W,18W,20W

7/9W dimension: 600mm*26mm
13/16W dimension: 900mm*26mm
18/20W dimension: 1200mm*26mm

Pins: G13

IP rated: IP40

Input voltages: 85 to 265V AC/50 - 60Hz

Working temperatures: -10 to 45°C

Material: Lamp body is made of full PC

Without any dark space between every led beam when light's on.

Low light decline:2% per 1000 hours

Technical specifications:

Driverconstant-current, isolated, built-inLED typeSMD3014/SMD5050

Standard   CELight sourceSanan/Samsung/Epistar

Lifespan  30000 hours

 Lumen≥100 lm/W

Guaranty2 years


Beam angle180°CRI≥80Ra;≥83Ra;;≥85Ra;

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