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Three angles LED industry chain
May 31, 2016

LED industrial chain can be divided into chip manufacturing, packaging and application in three parts. According to the benefit level, upstream chip manufacture will undoubtedly become the most benefit from the link. At the outbreak of the LED lighting industry growth, extension and performance chips link up the elastic in the upper reaches. Because LED chip manufacturing industry with high technical content. Therefore, has a research and development technology, patent technology, and the benefits of scale enterprises will benefit the most.

NSU in 2011 entered the LED chip manufacturing. Due to the cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nano, companies in the chip efficiency, yield and other technical indicators is an industry leader. Third-quarter production is expected to total up to 20 sets of MOCVD equipment, LED revenue growth will continue to accelerate the trend in the second half. In addition, the company has released its announcement said, will expand the new Nano-crystalline LED epitaxy, chip capacity (phase II) project. Build next-generation wafer, chip, package production line. In this regard, huatai securities analyst Kang Zhiyi expected, LED capacity will be doubled next year at the end of the company's MOCVD equipment production will reach 40.

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