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UL Dlc SAA CE RoHS Lm79 TM21 400W Shoebox Replacement LED Area Light
Jul 07, 2017

led Area light Features:

1.High light efficiency Using COB low power integrate light source package ,stable and reliable, high light efficiency.

2.Reasonable Cooling: With the vertical structure of heat dissipation, so as to ensure the heat conduction and the effect from the LED lamp.

3.Dust Accumulation Prevention :With the vertical structure of heat dissipation, long time use will not cause radiator ash phenomenon.

4.Reliable waterproof,IP67 based design, stable and reliable, far beyond the current requirements of road lighting IP65.

5.Reasonable optical design: using aspheric design ,bat shaped spot, considering the actual requirements of road lighting, increase the utilization ratio of light.

6.General:by changing the optical way can adjust the optical angle, so as to fit a variety of application environment.

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