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About Led Lights
Jun 12, 2017


It can reduce the rate of growth of electricity consumption, thereby reducing the cost of new grid capacity, reduce energy consumption and reduce emissions to the atmosphere of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. LED, especially the white light LED, because of its traditional light compared with the theory and the reality of the superiority, by the majority of professionals of all ages. It also appeared for the lighting industry to develop a new field of technology, and lighting energy-saving design to provide more choices. LED industry is a new energy industry, a green industry, an environmentally friendly industry and an industry for our children and grandchildren, is a new milestone in the history of human lighting!

LED drive power of the main technical requirements:

1、wide input voltage range (input AC90-265V can work)

2、wide working environment temperature (-35oC-70oC temperature environment can work)

3、constant current output: the output of a constant current (so LED drive power, also known as constant current source)

4、abnormal protection: overload, short circuit, overvoltage, over temperature protection

5、reliability and long life: LED long life, must be equipped with matching power supply.

6、in line with the relevant safety certification requirements

Why is LED energy saving?

High-brightness monochromatic LEDs have made progress in the market, and although they are more expensive than traditional bulbs, their advantages can be offset by their higher prices, that is, they have a higher price / performance ratio. Red LED light to achieve a certain brightness when the energy required is 15 watts, while the traditional light bulb to achieve the same measure will consume up to 150 watts of energy; the other according to scientists, LED power to light, 10% of the energy Can be converted into light energy, and incandescent bulb conversion efficiency of only 7-8%, it can be seen, to achieve the same lighting effects, LED lights than incandescent energy is obvious.

Why does LED life long?

Incandescent light is the mechanism of light-emitting tungsten wire will be heated and light, after a long period of heating, tungsten wire will be aging or even blow, thus, the life of incandescent bulbs ended, and the light-emitting diode light-emitting mechanism Is determined by the special composition of the diode, the diode mainly by the PN chip, the electrode and the optical system, when the positive bias on the electrode, the electrons and holes were injected into the P and N, When balancing minority carriers and bulk carriers, the excess energy is converted to light energy in the form of radiation photons. The luminescence process consists of three parts: forward bias under the carrier injection, composite radiation and light energy transmission. It can be seen that the diode is mainly due to the continuous movement of carriers and light, there is no aging and burning phenomenon, its special light-emitting mechanism determines its luminous life of up to 5-10 million hours.

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