Led street light standard

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50 - 60Hz Fin Aluminum High Power LED Street Light 20W 30W 40W
Jul 04, 2017


1.LED street lamp itself characteristics - light unidirectional, no light diffusion, to ensure the efficiency of light;

2.LED street lamp has a unique secondary optical design, the LED lights light to the desired lighting area, to further improve the efficiency of light in order to achieve energy-saving purposes;

3.LED light source efficiency has reached 100lm / W, but also a lot of room for development, the theoretical value of 250lm / W. While the high-pressure sodium lamp luminous efficiency is increased with the power increased, therefore, the overall effect of light-efficient LED lights than high-pressure sodium lamp;

4.LED street light color than high pressure sodium lamp much higher, high pressure sodium lamp color rendering index is only 23 or so, and LED street light color rendering index of 75 or more, from the visual psychological point of view, to achieve the same brightness, LED lights, the average light can Than the high pressure sodium lamp to reduce more than 20%;

5.LED street light decline, a year of light failure less than 3%, the use of 10 years still meet the road lighting requirements, and high pressure sodium lamp decline, about a year has fallen more than 30%, so, LED lights in the The use of power design can be lower than the high pressure sodium lamp;

6.LED lights have automatic control of energy-saving devices, to meet the lighting requirements in different periods of time to meet the maximum possible reduction in power, saving energy;

7. Each unit LED die is only a small volume, it can be prepared into a variety of shapes of the device, and suitable for a variable environment.

8. Long life: can use more than 50,000 hours to provide three years of quality assurance.

9. High luminous efficiency: the use of ≥ 100LM above the chip, compared to the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp can save more than 75%.

10. Excellent heat control: summer temperature control at about 45 degrees, and the use of passive cooling method.

Applicable places:

Urban roads, sidewalks, squares, schools, parks, gardens, residential areas, factories and other places requiring outdoor lighting.

High-power LED lights is the key to better heat, drive power to be stable (constant current, constant pressure)

Solar LED street lamp As the name suggests, the use of solar silicon board for the supply of power, LED lights

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