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9W Pink for Meat Counter T8 High Quality LED Tube Light
Jul 22, 2017

Installation Precautions

1, installation:

T8LED lamp comes with constant current source, no ballast, starter. General T8 above the lamp because the lamp space is large enough, constant current source can be installed in the lamp inside. Therefore, in the installation, you can put the original stent in the ballast, starter removed, directly to the lamp can be installed up.

2, the voltage: grid day photoelectric production of fluorescent lamp although there is a wide voltage adaptability, but the long-term voltage is too high or too low, will affect the constant current source power factor, that is, will have some impact on energy saving effect. At the same time, will also affect the life of constant current source. Therefore, the general use of the appropriate voltage of the fluorescent tube.

3, heat: grid day photoelectric production of fluorescent lamps with aluminum cooling shell, under normal circumstances, there is no heat dissipation problems. But if the dust is used in heavy places, should be regularly dust, to prevent dust cover the radiator, affecting heat.

4, waterproof: LED fluorescent lamp because the lamp is composed of two parts: the upper part of the aluminum radiator, the lower part of the soft mask, there is a gap in the connection, so to prevent fumes, water vapor into. If the use of flue gas, water vapor heavier, it is recommended to add a protective cover. The general protective cover on it.

5, vibration: LED fluorescent lamp has a strong anti-vibration ability. As long as not a violent impact, generally will not cause damage. But may have a certain impact on the soft plate. The traditional fluorescent lamp is glass, which is close to the vacuum, vibration may cause an explosion, with particular attention to vibration.

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