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Application Of Led Tri-proof Light
May 22, 2017


led tri-proof light applies to factories, warehouses, cold storage, subway, airport, garage, stadiums and other damp, dusty places, all kinds of powder finished products, semi-finished processing plants, steam, water vapor treatment workshop, etc..

Now all kinds of counterfeit  tri-proof light fixture filled with market industrial lighting, here we introduce our company new design and production of led tri-proof light PM01L, the product of good performance, good quality, high lumens, energy saving and environmental protection led tri-proof light. Waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion.

led tri-proof light t features:

Wide input voltage range for any country or region

LED light efficiency up to 100 lumens

efficient heat dissipation, luminous flux maintenance rate of nearly 94%

built in isolated low voltage constant current drive, safe, stable and reliable

The 2500V - shell pressure test;

The lamp - by flame retardant rigid PVC extrusion molding, high strength, corrosion resistance, light weight

easy installation, long service life, maintenance free

three defenses: waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, protection grade IP65

led tri-proof light Applicable place:

Factories, workshops, offices, food factories, cold storage, shopping malls, supermarkets, textile mills, anti-corrosion and other places of lighting, can completely replace the traditional three defense lamps.

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