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Best Selling Solar LED Light for Rural Areas
Jun 22, 2017

Solar energy led lights to sunlight for energy, daytime charging at night, without the need for complex and expensive pipeline laying, can be adjusted to the layout of the lamp, safe and energy saving pollution, no manual operation is stable and reliable, saving electricity maintenance. Solar led lights mainly by the solar module components (including bracket), led lamp, control box (with controller, battery) and light pole parts.

The principle of solar led light

Daytime sunlight to the solar module, the solar cell components to produce a certain degree of DC voltage, the light energy into electricity, and then transmitted to the intelligent controller, through the intelligent controller overcharge protection, the solar energy from the components To the battery storage; to the night when the solar energy components can not receive light, the output of the DC voltage dropped to near zero, the intelligent controller automatically open the control device to provide power to the led, led led light source to send enough brightness For lighting; to dawn, the solar module and receive light to generate voltage, the intelligent controller and automatically switch to the charging mode of work.

Solar led lights advantage editing

1.Low cost: high brightness, low power consumption, the required solar cell and battery configuration is low, the cost down. 

2.long life

3.reliable and stable

4.unattended: running without managers, the perfect intelligent control system to the user enough rest assured.

5.environmental protection and energy conservation

6.good security, no radiation

7.earthquake, resistant to combat

Solar led lights market prospects

With the rapid development of China's economy, the growing demand for energy, energy shortage has become an important issue affecting the rapid development of China's economy, the full development and utilization of solar energy is the world's sustainable development of energy policy decisions. At the same time in the international photoelectric market, driven by great potential, the country's optoelectronic manufacturing industry are competing to invest heavily, expand production, to fight for a place. China as the world's second largest energy consumption is no exception.

Compared with the international development of photovoltaic power generation, China is lagging behind the developed countries 10-15 years, even significantly behind India. China's optoelectronics industry is growing at an annual rate of 30%, the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing, as well as the construction of new socialist countryside call, as well as the next five years, 20% decline in energy hard targets, the three solar industry to provide an unprecedented business opportunities, The market capacity is very large, coupled with the national development and utilization of renewable resources preferential policies have been implemented, in this case, we have such a good industrial base, the whole society and the country as long as a small part can be a large production Out. Solar energy as a renewable energy alternative to traditional non-renewable energy will become a necessity.

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