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China high power Led light fixture , 600mm 6063Aluminum AC110-240V/DC12V,CE SAA ROHS ,long lifespan
Jul 01, 2017

High-power LED as the fourth generation of electric light source, known as "green lighting source," said, with small size, low safety, long life, high efficiency of electro-optical conversion, fast response, energy saving, environmental protection and other fine features, will replace the traditional Of incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps and become a new generation of light source in the 21st century.

Development trend editor

1. High power led light effect to improve the space is still great. Led light effect has more than the previous three generations of light, but the highest point from the theoretical difference is far, that is to say it has great potential for development. Led the quantum efficiency can do very high can generally go to more than 90%, but the external quantum efficiency is generally low. If you can significantly improve the external quantum efficiency, you can greatly improve the luminous efficiency of led products. This is one of the key research topics led. In addition, when talking about the light source light efficiency, to distinguish between several concepts. First of all, the laboratory led light source to achieve the luminous efficiency, does not mean that the existing product of light efficiency, it also to solve the production process and a series of problems can become a batch of products. So it represents the light efficiency of future products. Second, the low color rendering index of light products, does not mean that the high color rendering products, light efficiency. Some manufacturers in the promotion of their products, said the product of light efficiency to achieve the number of lumen, is the color index is relatively low led light source value, high color rendering index led light source can not reach the value of the publicity. Also, the led light source, high color temperature light source than the low-light play light source of high efficiency, 5600K led more efficient than the 3200k led light efficiency. Understand the characteristics of led to facilitate the correct purchase of the required products.

2. Improve the color rendering index is one of the important topics led light source. Under normal circumstances, high color rendering index, light efficiency is often lower; high luminous efficiency, color rendering index sent some. Some applications, such as film and television, stage lighting, the light color of the light index is very demanding.

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