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High power LED light
Jun 20, 2017

High power white led is a use of large rated current to light the diode, the brightness of this diode is very high. We all know that ordinary LED power is generally 0.05W, the working current is generally 20mA. But the high-power LED wattage can be more than 2W, are very high-power LED lamps.

working principle:

This kind of lamp is the use of electro-optical conversion; high-power white LED light principle is the use of diodes to convert light energy, the main role of the diode is to achieve the current conversion can be converted into direct current AC power can be converted into other Energy, such as light energy. Diode in high-power white LED role is to play as a transformation of solid devices, it can be converted into light energy, because its structure is composed of PN junction chip and electrode optical system integrated. High-power white LED works is to convert electro-optical.

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