LED flood light-PF72L

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LED Flood Light-PF72L
Dec 09, 2016

LED flood light-PF72L

LED flood light is the most widely used in the production of the effect diagram, standard flood light used to illuminate the entire scene. More lights can be used in the scene to produce better results. Flood light is the most widely used in the effect, the scene can be used to coordinate the role of more lights, to the birth of a better effect.


LED flood light is illuminated from a special point to the object in all directions, using it to compare with the light bulb and the candle. The flood lights can be placed anywhere. For example, it can be placed outside the camera range, or the interior of an object. In the scene far from the use of many different colors of the flood light is very common. These led flood light can be projected and mixed in the model. Because the flood light irradiation range is relatively large, so the floodlight irradiation effect is very easy to predict, and there are many auxiliary purposes, such as the light, it is placed near the position of the object surface, it will produce bright light on the surface of an object.


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