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LED Modularity -- A New Trend Of LED Development
Nov 28, 2016

LED modularity -- a new trend of LED development


Lighting is the basic human needs, and also represents the level of economic activity. In recent years, due to the global economic growth, sustainable city, non urban factors of power network expansion construction, driven general buildings and manufacturing factories are increasing, making the lighting demand rapid growth, energy consumption continued to increase.


LED, fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp, LED in close to the theoretical conversion efficiency, than the traditional light source light efficiency of 5-20 times. Even at the present stage of mass production, its level is also in 2-15 times, and it will be even greater in the combination of the advantages of its directivity. Due to the change of the principle of light, the life time will be much higher than the traditional light source. In addition, because LED also has a series of advantages, such as health and environmental hazards and so on. at this stage has been recognized as the next generation of the most suitable light source. However, LED lighting has not been widely used, can not enter thousands of households, the main reason is the high price of LED lighting, how to reduce the price, market and experience tells us that the -LED module.


LED modular development model: 1) light source module, (2) device +PCB board integration, (3) the integration of light source and power supply, (4) light source, power supply, heat dissipation, optical integration, (5) the connection port, the base standardization.

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