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LED Street Lamp Design Requirements
Aug 03, 2017


The most important feature of LED lighting is the function of directional emission light, because the power LED is almost always equipped with a reflector, and the efficiency of this reflector are significantly higher than the lamp reflector efficiency. In addition, LED light efficiency detection has been included in the efficiency of its own reflector. LED road lighting should be used as far as possible the use of LED directional light emission characteristics, so that the road lamps in the LED were directly directed to the light through the various areas of the road, and then use the lamp reflector auxiliary light, to achieve Very reasonable road lighting integrated light distribution. It should be said that the road lamps to be truly in line with CJJ45-2006 and CIE31 and CIE115 standard illumination and illumination uniformity requirements, the lamp should contain three times the function of light distribution can be better achieved. , And with a reflector and has a reasonable beam output angle of the LED itself has a good light distribution function.

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