Led street light standard

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Led Street Light Standard
May 10, 2017

Led street light standard

Led street light height:

Height determines the vision, so choose a good height, it determines the street lighting vision.

1, led street lamp installation height, the same street lamps must be installed at the same height (the height of the center to the ground). Small bend lamp one meter lamp 5-6 m ordinary street long arm lamp and chandelier 6.5-7.5 meter fast track arc lamp not less than 8 meters slow lane arc type lamp is not less than 6.5 meters.

2, special led street light fixturetype according to the design requirements, the height of the lamp is equivalent to the need to be illuminated the width of the road. Only in the side lighting H = L H = L/2 lighting on both sides of the H luminaire mounting height (m): L Lu Kuan (m).

Led street light elevation:

1, the Led street light elevation angle of the lamp and the light distribution curve of the lamp to determine the elevation of each street should be consistent.

2, the street lamp can be adjusted, should make the light falls on the center line of wide range of L/3-1/2.

3, the long arm light (or arm lamp) lamp body in the installation, the lamp holder side should be more than 100 mm on the side of the pole.

4, special lamps should be based on the light distribution curve to determine the elevation.

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