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LED Bulkhead Lamp (YL-PDL-D133)
Jun 22, 2017

Basic Info

Basic Info

Diffuser:Tempered Glass


Base Material:Aluminum

Electric Current Type:DC

Ambient Humidity:′-20~50 Degree

Luminous Flux:14400 Lm

Color Temperature:2800-6000k

CRI:Ra≥ 80

Viewing Angle:160°

for the environment: for -20-55 degrees Celsius in a variety of different places decorative and lighting use.

Applicable voltage: for AC / 12V / 24V / 110V / 220V

Light failure characteristics: continuous use of 3000 hours of light failure within 3%. ,

Light source: cold white, white, warm white, red, green, blue, yellow, color

Technical characteristics

The use of light: all environmentally friendly low light failure LED as a light source to ensure its long life, energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection and so on.

Protection against electric shock: Class II

Power type: General use of external power supply

Light type: Narrow light (15 ° 30 °) Wide light (45 ° 60 ° 90 °) Optional, mainly related to the angle of the selected lens

Wiring method: terminal wiring

Installation location: indoor, and high-end places.

Product features

Energy saving, it can save 70% ~ 80% power when compared with common Energy-saving lamp; 

Long life, it can work 50000 hours, which is more than 10 times than common Energy-saving lamp; 

Low heating value, it seldom burn things and just has a very small influence on the environment; 

Environmentally friendly, it doesn't contain lead, mercury, infrared and the ultraviolet ray and other harmful elements; 

Low voltage, it is safe and reliable and it can instantly start, no frequency shem, no glare, no noise; 

High luminous efficiency, it can reach more than 80 LM/W; 

High color rendering index, good color rendering, a variety of color temperatures are available; 

Convenient installation, which can directly replace common Energy-saving lamp. 

future development

1、Application intelligence

Intelligent induction lamps. LED and intelligent sensor combination, so that the energy-saving LED lamps more energy efficient. The lamp in the case of general unmanned LED to 20% of the brightness to provide basic lighting; when someone into the sensor area, the LED was 100% brightness lighting. Energy efficiency increased by 50%.


Do not contain mercury, lead and other heavy environmental pollution of heavy metals will produce ultraviolet light, so not like the traditional lamps as there are many mosquitoes around the light source to make the environment more clean and clean; metal shell constant current drive innovation Designed to convert the product's energy to light efficiency is very high.

development trend

In the global context of promoting low-carbon economy, LED ceiling lamp market has high hopes. LED ceiling light higher efficiency, longer life, color is also very good, which makes it far beyond the other products, win more people's attention and love.

Because of this, LED rapid development, from the first signal to today's car lights, LED display, lighting (LED ceiling, etc.), whether it is technology or application point of view, have made great progress.

There is still much room for further research before the LED ceiling is the dominant future. In the capital, talent, market, there are technical under the premise of a good photoelectric products, without these premises to do the foundation, the final output may be photoelectric garbage. The premise of lighting should be consistent with the natural ecological environment changes, green energy-saving lighting on the other hand is to reduce light pollution, have a healthy lighting environment is the ultimate goal of green lighting development.

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