Led street light standard

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led high power lamp with DALI CE ROHS,130lm/w SEOUL 300w
Jul 30, 2017


1. The life of the use of relatively long, because the high-power LED lights using diodes is more durable, so the service life can be as high as 50,000 hours.

2. High-power white LED is more energy-efficient, it is more than 80% of high pressure sodium lamp.

3. Green is one of the characteristics of high-power white LED, because it does not contain lead and mercury which can pollute the environment of the elements, so the environment is no pollution.

4. High-power white LED safety performance is relatively high, because it is resistant to shock and shock resistance is very strong, and completely changed the traditional lamp on the human body radiation and injury.

5. High-power white LED is no high-pressure, so do not smoke dust. Ordinary led lights will absorb dust, will produce static electricity, and high-power white LED can completely eliminate the ordinary light dust and shade black phenomenon, it will not lead to reduced brightness.

6. High-power white LED is no high temperature, so the lamp is not aging and yellow. And no flicker, the use of pure DC is the working principle, you can eliminate the traditional phenomenon of light strobe, will not cause the human eye visual fatigue.

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