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Multifunctional LED Flood Light/ LED High Bay Light
Jun 20, 2017

LED flood light through the built-in micro-chip control, the existing two types of products, one type of power chip combination, and the other with a single high-power chip, the former performance is more stable, single high-power product structure is large, suitable for small Range of light exposure, which can achieve a high power, can be a large area of long distance cast light.


First, the use of high-brightness imported chips, high brightness, low energy consumption, low heat, long life of 50000H, can be divided into monochrome, colorful color two.

Second, the shell material for the high-pressure cast aluminum molding shell, 4mm tempered glass Features:

1, there are symmetrical and asymmetrical two light distribution options, glare control is good.

2, lighting appliances integration, modeling lightweight and beautiful, easy to install.

3, dustproof and waterproof grade IP65.

Third, the voltage: 220V / 110V / 24V / 12V

Fourth, LED light source: 1W, 3W high power LED

5, high-power LED flood light irradiation distance of 5-30 meters, especially for building floor, outdoor square landscape lighting, walls, display brush color.

Six, color: red / yellow / blue / green / white / colorful discoloration and other effects. Through the rich and colorful combination of light and water, resulting in Smart feeling, bring you fantastic mood.

Seven, power: 6-54w different environments using different power lamps. The latest LED cast light power gradually increased, including 50W LED flood light, 70W LED flood light, 100W LED flood light, 150W LED flood light, 200W LED flood light, 250W LED flood light, 350W LED flood light, 450W LED flood light. Maximize flexibility for customer application selection.

Performance characteristics:

1, the use of internal and external anti-seismic structure design.

2, with high efficiency gas discharge lamp as light source, lamp life of 10,000 hours or more, especially for large outdoor unattended lighting.

3, the use of lightweight alloy materials and high-tech spray technology, the shell will never rust, never corrosion.

4, using piping and other new technology to ensure that the shell is good, sealed and reliable, waterproof and dustproof.

5, with good electromagnetic compatibility, will not cause electromagnetic interference to the surrounding environment.

6, the overall cooling of the lamp is good, can reduce the probability of failure.


Spotlight bright colors, monochromatic good, soft light, low power, long life, light up to 50,000 hours. And its LED cast light lamp body compact, easy to hide or install, not easy to damage, no heat radiation, favorable protection of objects according to objects, a wide range of applications. Lamps are equipped with a dial to facilitate the adjustment of the irradiation angle.

Use range:

LED cast light is mainly used in single building, historical buildings outside the wall night lighting, building light through the lighting, indoor lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical culture and other special lighting facilities. Bars, dance halls and other entertainment venues lighting.

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