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Pin Package
May 31, 2016

Package using leadframe LED foot pin with various outside the package, were the first to successfully make the package structure to market species propagation LED packaging equipment

LED packaging equipment

Much higher technological maturity, package structure and reflector are continuously improved. Standard LED is regarded by most customers in the display industry the most convenient and economical solution, typical of the traditional LED placed can withstand the 0.1W within the envelope of the input power, its 90% the heat is circulated by the anode pins to the PCB Board, sniffing the air, how to reduce the work of pn junction temperature rise is packaging and application must be taken into account. Package seal material more used high temperature curing epoxy resin, its light performance excellent, process adaptability good, products can * sex high, can made colored transparent or colorless transparent and colored scattering or colorless scattering of lens package, different of lens shape constitute variety shape and the size, for example, round by diameter is divided into φ 2mm, and φ 3mm, and φ 4.4mm, and φ 5mm, and φ 7mm, number species, epoxy resin of different group copies can produced different of glow effect.

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