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Power Package
May 31, 2016

To the development of high-power LED chip and package, 10-20 times greater than under the current 5mmLED luminous flux, must adopt effective power package

Deterioration of heat and does not solve light failure problem of packaging materials and, therefore, shell-and-tube and packaging is the key technology, can withstand the number w power LED package has emerged. 5W series white, and green, and blue green, and blue of power type LED from 2003 early began supply, white light LED light output up 1871lm, light effect 44.31lm/W green light failure problem, development out can bear 10W power of LED, big area tube; bi size for 2.5x2.5mm, can in 5 a, current Xia work, light output up 2001lm, as solid lighting light has is big development space.

Luxeon power LED is A1GalnN series power flip-chip flip-chip bonding in Silicon with solder carriers, then Silicon carrier completed flip chip mounted heat sink and shell-and-tube, bonding wire package. This encapsulation for extraction efficiency, thermal performance, increased current density design was the best. Its main features: hot resistance low, General only for 14 ℃/w, only General LED of 1/10; can * sex high, package internal fill stable of flexible rubber gel body, in-40-120 ℃ range, not for temperature sudden changes produced of within stress, makes gold silk and leads framework disconnect, and prevent epoxy resin lens variable yellow, leads framework also not for oxidation and tarnished; reflection Cup and lens of best design makes radiation pattern can control and optical efficiency highest. In addition, the output power, external quantum efficiency, excellent performance, LED solid light source is elevated to a new level.

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