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Solar LED Street Light
Jun 27, 2017

Year full of lights, rainy weather is guaranteed.

LED lights energy saving, high luminous efficiency, the unit W can produce 80LM or even higher luminous flux.

Good color, pure white light, all visible light.

Another most important point is that you can use DC drive, this is particularly important in the use of solar energy, because the solar power is also DC, you can save the inverter in this part of the cost and energy loss.

Solar LED lights with sunlight for the energy, daytime charging at night, without complicated and expensive pipeline laying, can adjust the layout of the lamp, safe and energy-saving pollution, no manual operation is stable and reliable, saving electricity maintenance.

The system consists of solar cell components (including the bracket), LED lamp, control box (with controller, battery) and light pole parts.



1, the use of independent intellectual property rights package of a single high-power LED (30W-100W) as a light source, the use of a unique multi-chip integrated single-mode light source design, selection of imported high-brightness chip

2, the first integrated radiator and lamp shell design, LED directly close with the shell, through the shell cooling air and air convection heat, fully guarantee the LED lights 50000 hours of service life. In accordance with the work of 12 hours a day, its life is more than 10 years, maintenance costs are very low

3, the lamp surface was UV resistant anti-corrosion treatment, high temperature foaming silicone seal, effective dust and water, the overall lighting protection to IP65 level

4, no bad glare, no flicker. To eliminate the common street lamp glare caused by bad glare, visual fatigue and line of sight interference, improve driving safety

5, start without delay, power that is up to normal brightness, no need to wait, eliminating the traditional long time to start the street lights

7, green pollution: no lead, mercury and other pollution elements, the environment without any pollution

Applicable places

Urban roads, sidewalks, squares, schools, parks, gardens, residential areas, factories and other places requiring outdoor lighting.

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