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Surface-mount Package
May 31, 2016

In 2002, the LED surface mount packages (SMD LED) has been accepted by the market, and to gain some market share, from-pin surface mount packaging technologies

Surface mount packaging technologies

Install steering SMD line with the general trend of the development of the electronics industry as a whole, many manufacturers of such products.

SMD LED most of the early model SOT-23 with a transparent plastic, tape reel type container. Based on the SOT-23, the former being monochromatic light and which bi-color or tri-color glow. In recent years, SMD LED became a development hot, is good to solution has brightness, and perspective, and flat degrees, and can * sex, and consistency, problem, used more light of PCB Board and reflection layer material, in displayed reflection layer need fill of epoxy resin more less, and removal more heavy of carbon steel material introduction feet, through narrowed size, reduced weight, can easily to will products weight reduce half, eventually makes application more more perfect, especially for households within, half outdoor full color display application.

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