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T5 Integrated LED Tube Light, 16W
Jul 01, 2017

T5LED lamp is the use of CREE and AOD super bright LED white light as a light source, the shell for the aluminum alloy, the cover can be made of PC tube, high temperature of 135 degrees.

T5LED fluorescent tube is a fluorescent tube, a diameter of 5/8 inch, diameter of about 16mm.

Luminous principle

The terminal voltage of the PN junction constitutes a potential barrier, and the potential barrier decreases when the forward bias voltage is applied, and the majority of the carriers in the P and N regions diffuse toward each other. Since the electron mobility is much larger than the hole mobility, a large amount of electrons are diffused into the P region, which constitutes the injection of minority carriers in the P region. These electrons are combined with the holes on the valence band, and the energy obtained when recombined is released in the form of light energy. This is the principle of PN junction light.

Service life

T5LED lamp energy saving up to 80% or more, life is more than 10 times the ordinary lamp, almost maintenance-free, there is no need to constantly replace the lamp, ballast, starter problem, about half a year down the cost savings You can change the cost. Green environment-friendly semiconductor electric light source, light soft, pure spectrum, is conducive to the protection of workers and physical health, 6000K cold light source gives a visual cool feeling, help to concentrate and improve efficiency.

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