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Technical Principle
May 31, 2016

High-power LED package structure and process complex and directly affect LED performance and life, especially in high-power white LED package is hot hot. LED package includes: 1. mechanical protection to improve reliability; 2. enhanced cooling to reduce chip junction temperature, improved LED performance; 3. optical control, improved light efficiency, optimizing the beam distribution; 4. power supply management, including AC/DC change, and power control.

LED packaging methods, choice of materials, structures and processes primarily by chip structure, photoelectric/mechanical properties and specific application and cost factors. After more than 40 years of development, LED package has undergone scaffolding (Lamp LED), SMD (SMD LED), power LED (Power LED) stage of development. As the chip power increases, particularly solid-state lighting technology development needs for LED encapsulation of optical, thermal, electrical and mechanical structure of the new and higher requirements. In order to effectively reduce the package thermal resistance, improve light efficiency, must adopt a new technical ideas for packaging design.

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