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Top Ten Technology Trends
May 31, 2016

1, power has become mainstream packaging methods. Products for high-power LED products on the market or low power LED product, they have their advantages, but also has a defect that cannot be overcome. Combining the advantages of power LED came into being, become a mainstream package.

2, the application of new materials in packaging. Due to the high temperature, UV resistant and low water absorption, high tolerance of a better environment, EMC thermosetting materials, modification of thermoplastic PCT, PPA and ceramic materials such as plastics will be widely used.

3 application, chip over current density. Super current density chips in the future, will be changed from 350MA/mm2 to 700MA/mm2, or even higher. Chip demand voltage will be lower, smoother VI curve (low heat), as well as compatibility of ESD and VF.

4, popularization of the COB. Light-low thermal resistance, good, weld-free and low cost advantages of COM applications will be widely available in the future.

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