Led street light standard

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Jul 04, 2017

market expectation

Despite the rapid development of LED lights, but the standard LED lights are relatively lagging behind. In the global context, LED street lamp standards are not all, like the standard LED lights in Europe there. In fact, the regional standards for LED lights, indicators are not the same, we do the LED lights in the standard to meet the requirements of the sales area, so the tender LED street lamp project to study the local LED street lamp standards, the only way Will be in the fierce market competition in a place.

Drive circuit optimization

DC 9V-30V or mains AC 84V-264V wide voltage input drive circuit design. Accurate constant current output, so that each high-power LED light source work in a constant rated current, the line loss and aging factor is small, electrical conversion efficiency ≥ 85%, accurate constant current output to ensure the LED light source life.

The light source adopts the modular design scheme to realize the best matching of the ground illumination and the power. By increasing the number of the light source to meet the requirements of different road width and illumination, the aim is to meet the requirements of the city's lighting and not waste the energy.

High-power LED street lamp is the name of the power is greater than 30 watts or more, the use of new LED semiconductor light source lights. The standard for LED lights is generally the average illuminance of the uniformity of road surfaceilluminance. Spot ratio of 1: 2, consistent with road illumination. (The actual 1/2 center spot to 25LUX, 1/4 center light intensity to 15LUX, 16 meters away from the minimum light intensity 4LUX, overlapping light intensity of about 6LUX. Market street lamp lens material for improved optical materials, transmittance ≥ 93% Temperature -38- +90 degrees, anti-UV UV `yellowing rate of 30000 hours without change, etc. Solar LED street lamp refers to the use of solar silicon board for the supply of power LED lights.

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